Online Poker Review

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The most famous great game selection form of online poker is known as '2-7 Triple Draw Lowball'. The sole objective of all players is to come out with the worst hand, humanly possible! Yep, that's absolutely right folks because we are not talking about high and strong hands here. Read on and know all about 2-7 Triple Draw Lowball;

- The battle starts in a clockwise movement. Cards are dealt left to right and one card at a time.

- The initial betting phase begins with the player sitting on the left of the dealer.

- With betting round jolting to an end, the players start to enter the 1st drawing session.

- The player on dealer's left starts out by declaring how many cards he wants to get rid of. In return obviously, he will be getting new ones later.

- This time the dealer is going to deal all those cards at the same time and THEN he will move ahead to other players.

- It is up to your will and desire if you don't want to tamper with your hand in the game.

- Don't think you will hit a gold mine by discarding all 5 Cards. The dealer will only give you 4 new cards in return.

- You will still end up with 4 cards even if you are the last player in the sequence, who discarded all 5 cards.

- Once you have your old cards shoved out, you will get new ones and this starts the second session of betting.

- Things will go on and on until the last man standing. Others have folded and this will title only one player as the winner.