Online Poker Games

Texas Holdem can be difficult to grapple if you are not aware of initial concepts. Here we try to illuminate your thinking process towards Texas Holdem through basic terms used in it. All in all it would allow you to be more than good at what you will be dealing with;

- Online poker is logical and simple in a sense as long as you know what you are doing

- Burn Card(s) : It's the card which is dealt to you with its face down on the table.

- Blinds : These are also termed as 'Blind Bets' because of their popularity. They are forced bets which you have to make before cards are dealt.

- Button : You are going to get this nick as long as you are dealing in a current hand.

- Check : It is quite similar to a call as long as there is no money at stake, i.e. No bets in place.

- Fifth Street / The River : Once you have the final piece of the puzzle (the last 5th card), it will be known as the 5th Street or the River.

- Preflop : Use your common sense here but alas, it is not common these days on an overall scale. Preflop is anything which is going to occur before the 'Flop' is dealt.

- Showdown : The most sensational and fateful part of Poker is called 'Showdown'. It's the moment of truth when all foes reveal their hands and only one player is able to claim the 'Pot'.

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