Keno Way Tickets

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The main difference between straight keno tickets and keno way tickets is that a keno way ticket is cheaper. With straight tickets, players choose the set of numbers they want. In the case of keno way tickets, however, players select multiple sets of numbers. A player plays all of those numbers simultaneously instead of using multiple tickets.


The fact that keno way tickets allow people to play more than one ticket at once means they are very convenient. However, players online casino may easily get confused if they are not familiar with this type of keno ticket as it can be quite complex. Fortunately, the majority of casinos and online keno sites offer help or assistance when it comes to filling out a keno way ticket.


Way tickets include a certain amount of separate bets and a player great game selection can win on any or all of them in one game. This means that there is a chance for big payouts, which is one of the advantages of this method and one of the reasons why online keno can be so entertaining. For the way ticket to be legitimate, the player must select a minimum of three groups of numbers with each group containing the same amount of numbers.

When it comes down to it online poker, a keno way ticket is all about convenience. Four different three-spot tickets are actually the same as a single keno way ticket with 12 numbers.